It's Fall Y'all! Sell your home this Fall.

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The best time to sell your home is in the Spring, right? Not necessarily. The Spring market for home selling has become extremely popular, but it is not always the perfect time to sell. Below are the best reasons for you to sell your home in the fall.



With multiple homes for sale in the Spring, buyers have choices. Having choices means less money for sellers and better deals for buyers. They have the confidence to negotiate because they have the choice to go down the street if this deal does not work out. There are still buyers looking for the right home year round - not just in the Spring. Selling in the Fall and Winter months means less homes for sale on the market which equals less choices for buyers to choose from. This means more negotiating power for the Seller and less for the buyer.



In Texas, the fall still means warm temperatures and good looking yards. You don't have to worry about dead grass or plants, and its not too cold for buyers to be out looking at homes.



In the Fall, most people have their children settled into school and they are wanting to be moved into a home prior to the holidays. This becomes a perfect time for buyers to look at homes without children in tow, as well as fast closing dates to get in their new home before the holidays.



Everyone seems to be on the pumpkin spice and fall blankets kick these days. This is the perfect time to showcase how cozy your home can be. Inviting fall scents, throw blankets, and even a fire (if its cool outside) will warm a buyers heart into wanting to make an offer.



Halloween has to be the best time to have your home for sale if you live in a populated neighborhood that has a lot of trick or treaters. Think about how many people will see your for sale sign and take a flyer as they wait at the curb while you are giving their child candy! Be sure to hand out candy and turn on your porch light to attract people to your home!

Selling your home is an important decision to make. I have created a Seller's Guide to help you decide if selling is right for you and your family, what costs are involved with selling, the entire selling process including pricing and marketing your home, what your net proceeds will be, and much more! Click here to request a copy of the Seller's Guide or if you would like a report on the market value of your home, click here

I look forward to working with you!

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