Founded and Named

The city of Tyler was founded in 1846 and named after our 10th President, John Tyler in recognition of his efforts to admit Texas to the United States. Tyler grew rapidly after the annexation of Texas. The rich soil attracted planters and farmers, and Tyler prospered from trade.


The 1st Tyler Papers

By 1885 Tyler had 2 weekly newspapers, the Tyler Democrat and the Tyler Courier. Present day newspaper is the Tyler Morning Telegraph.


The First Churches

Tyler is known for its many Baptist churches. The first Baptist church was established in 1848, but Tyler's first church was a Methodist church organized in 1846. By 1885, the town had an Episcopal, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian churches. Today, most denominations are represented in Tyler.


How John Tyler became President

John Tyler ran for the Vice Presidency with William Henry Harrison. Harrison lasted as president for about a month before succumbing to an illness. Harrison's death brought up an odd situation for the federal government. For the first time ever, a President had died in office, and it wasn't entirely clear how the succession situation would play out. Amid the confusion, Tyler declared he had full presidential powers. He arranged to be sworn in and gave an inaugural address while downplaying any talk of being a "temporary" President. His rise in power would set the basic standard for presidential succession that would eventually be formalized in 1967 with the 25th amendment.


Arming the Soldiers

J.C. Short, William S.N. Biscoe, and George Yarbrough started a private gun factory to make rifles for the State of Texas. It would soon be purchased by the Confederate government and turned into the largest Confederate Ordinance plant in Texas. It was located at what is now Bergfeld Park.


Bonnie and Clyde Make a Visit

Notorious criminals Bonnie and Clyde found their way to Tyler on April 18, 1932, and stole 2 cars and used them on their raid of Eastham prison.


Adopt a Highway

On March 9, 1985, the Tyler Civitan club adopted a section of U.S. Hwy 69 to voluntarily clean up litter on the roadside. This was the very first adopt a highway in America, and has becoming popular across the nation.


Rose Capital of America

You may know that Tyler is the official Rose Capital of America, but did you know that one-third of all commercially-grown rose bushes in America are produced in a 50-mile radius around Tyler?


Weather in Tyler

The weather in Tyler is generally sunny with an average of 242 days of sunshine a year. 35-43 inches of rainfall and an average of 65 degrees makes Tyler an enjoyable place to live.


What do the colors in the Texas Flag mean?

Red represents courage, white represents liberty, and blue represents loyalty.


The "Lone Star State"

The nickname for Texas is "The Lone Star State." which comes from when it got its independence from Mexico.


Largest Parking Lot

The world's largest parking lot is at the Dalls/Fort Worth airport.


Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is the only natural lake found in Texas. All others are man-made.


First Female Governor

Texas is home to the first female governor ever elected in any state.


King Ranch

The King Ranch is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. And the casserole is awesome too!



Texas' mascot is the armadillo.


Hamburgers Anyone?

The hamburger was first created in Athens, Texas.



The name of the state comes from a Native American word, "tejas," which means "friends." Our state motto of "friendship" comes from that!


Main Industries

Mining, tourism, oil, and machinery are the main industries in Texas.



There are more bat species living in Texas than in any other part of the U.S.